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Introducing how to use the app to create cartoon images. Change your normal profile picture. To become a chic cartoon, update 2023

Recommended apps to edit cartoon images. Change the general image to look brighter. There are many styles, including cartoons, drawings, etc. Update 2023

free cartoon photo editing app

Nowadays, there are many photo-editing apps to choose from. Each app usually has different features. And there would be many people who would like to know their true self. Turned into a cute cartoon image or looks cool, unique, the NotebookSPEC team would like to recommend an app to customize a cartoon image. That will allow composing a picture to have even more fun. simple change to become a cute cartoon

application Supported operating systems interesting thing Suggestions/Remarks
ToonMe Android
– Easy to use
– There are many effects to choose from.
– can be used for both single and double images
– Add effects, customize photos, add text, animation.
Can be used for free The free version has interstitial ads and a watermark.
Sketch Me! Sketch&Cartoon Android
– Easy to use
– Photo editing will be in the style of wood-colored paintings, sketches, etc.
– Few features compared to other apps
– Free to use, but contains some ads.
MojiPop – Mi Emoji Avatar Android
– Easy to use
– There are a lot of features
– Create a sticker as your own avatar.
– Can be used for free The free version has interstitial ads and a watermark.
– In the free version, there will be content restrictions, which if you want to use the full performance, you must upgrade.
ToonApp Android
– Easy to use
– There are many effects to choose from.
– able to decorate a pet
– Add background effects Customizable in style
Can be used for free The free version has interstitial ads and a watermark.
Run iOS – Easy to use
– There are filters to choose from for both still images and videos.
– Able to create projects
– At present, photo or video editing Supported only for use on iOS systems only.
– Can be used for free but will be able to use a limited number of filters Including ads within the app.
AI Mirror Android
– Easy to use
– You can choose to save images in HD.
– There are many AI filters to choose from. Both still images and video
– Each filter also has a sub-pattern that the system outputs to choose from.
– For iOS, it may be required as a Free Trial to be able to access the various filters.
– As for the Android version, you can try the filter for free 1 time, but it will be limited to only 1 photo editing style, then it may be required as a Free Trial to access. use of various filters
– Free version with in-app ads.

1. ToonMe


Let’s start with the cartoon-shaped app like ToonMe. I believe that many people. People are probably familiar with and used to play with each other. The app is an app that will help change our faces into cartoons. especially Disney cartoons which we can save back to our machine at all Or will be shared to other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., it can be done. Good pictures come out super sharp. Plus it’s smooth.

S 37986322 side

when we open the app will find a lot of image prototypes There may be an upgrade package popping up. We can press to close it.

  • The app consists of 4 main menus, namely
    •, which will be the menu page that allows us to upload our photos up. It also tells me the latest updates.
    • Toon Effects will be a list of ToonMe photo effects for us to choose from. There will be both popular. that is currently trending and the last we used
    • Pro, which will be used as a pro version On this page, we will have to apply for a package with the app before we can use it. Or if you want to try it, you can try it for 3 days.
    • My profile is the part where we can sign in. They can be connected to social media accounts such as Facebook, Google or Apple ID.
  • basic use We can upload the image that we want to turn into a cartoon at the main menu like or can go in and select the desired effect and then select a photo or take a photo.
S 37986324 side
  • When we take a photo or upload a photo there will be a filter There is a cartoon turning effect. There are many to choose from.
  • You can rotate the image, invert the image, crop the image, select only the desired part >> then press next. then the system will process (The free version is interstitial with advertisements). You can also change effects, add text, and add more animations.
  • When the image is finished processing There will be a picture compared to the original for us to see as well >> if you want to save, you can click on the symbol in the upper right corner >> can choose to save or share as needed.

2. Sketch Me! Sketch&Cartoon

cartoon photo editing app

Come together with the cartoon sketch app Sketch Me! Sketch&Cartoon. that will turn our pictures into virtual drawings For this app, it may not turn us into a cartoon character clearly. But it will go more towards the drawing. Which if anyone likes this style Must try it In the app, there will be filters. There are many effects for us to choose from. Initially, it can be downloaded and used for free.

S 37994502 side
  • open the app We will find a window that allows us to take a picture or upload the desired picture to the app immediately.
  • After that, we will go to the window for customization >> within this there will be various features. Lots and lots to choose from. The color and light can be customized as needed. Including being able to choose only what we want to edit the image to cut with the original image as well
  • When you get what you want We will be able to press the symbol to save the image back to our device. It can also be shared to other platforms such as Mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

3. MojiPop – Mi Emoji Avatar


MojiPop is considered a very attractive cartoon photo editing app, with the style of the app going out. It is a funny cartoon image, funny, mimicking, adding color to the image very well. Within the app, there will be various features. Let us choose to use. both composing cartoon images Turn ordinary images into cartoon characters. to create an avatar and can also follow other users who can play this app as a community

S 38002693 side
  • Open the app. First of all, let us create our own avatar first. By selecting the Avatar menu >> Create new avatar >> Select the picture that we want. or you can take a new photo >> then the system will process then appears the window to create a cartoon character or our avatar, where we can choose clothes, hairstyle, skin color, eye color, Makeup, etc. >> then press Save
S 38002697 side
  • Go to the main page like MojiWorld, which will include various content. with users coming together which we can select the correct image and apply the same effect. or press the plus sign to create our own pictures >> we can take pictures Or you can choose a picture from the album on the device.
    • The picture that we choose It should be an image that will be used with the avatar just now, possibly as a scene image. Or the image that we want to put an avatar to put instead
  • When you get the picture you want Let us choose ‘Add Caicature’ >> choose a cartoon character that has your avatar face as you want, we can choose a sticker that is your avatar face to add >> then select the share mark.
  • On this page we can also put text. or image captions. but must be logged in first because it will be the part that will be on our profile page for sharing in the app >> or if anyone doesn’t want to share in the app You don’t have to tick Share to MojiWorld, but skip it and select ‘Save and Share’.
  • Select Save or if you want to share to other platforms. can choose, such as Facebook, IG, iMessage, etc.

4. ToonApp


ToonApp, a popular cartoon-shaped app that many people People have tried to use it. The app’s appearance is similar to ToonMe, where the cartoon images are cute and bright. There are a variety of effects to choose from. It can also be shared to other platforms as well. The app is open for us to download and use. Let’s play for free.

S 38010882 side
  • open the app We will meet with the main page. that will have effects for us to use There will be the original image and the image after turning into a cartoon. >> We can choose the effect we want immediately.
  • We will go to the photo taking page. Or select the desired image from the album >> The system will process for a while >> Select the area from the original image that we want >> Choose Create Cartoon
  • The app will convert the image for us. (There may be subscription packages or upgrades. We can just close it) >> Choose the background, style, frame as we want. Then select the check mark. located in the upper right corner
  • We will enter the sharing page. which can be shared to other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. in the recording section Let us choose More or three dots in a row >> Save Image

5. Walk: Below AI Art


Loopsie for apps is an application that composes a cartoon at the moment. Can only be used on the iOS operating system, while the Android operating system is not yet available for download. in the part of the app itself It can be used both free and paid. In the part of the free use. There will be ads within the app, limiting filters in use. Including the processing time of the image takes a little time. If anyone wants to try the full functionality, the app has a Free Trial for us to try and use. which can be used for free for 3 days

S 41558065 0 side

With the Loopsie app, we can use AI filters to process both still images and videos. with a variety of formats for us to choose from Including animated images, Japanese cartoon images, to other 3D images, etc. In terms of how to use AI filters in the beginning. It can be easily done as follows.

  • When we start downloading applications from the App Store, then >> when opening the app. We will find the usage package window. which if we want to use it for free, we can press to close it
  • On the main page, we will find many recommended AI filters. We can choose the filter we want. in the free version You can choose to play filters that do not have the word Pro displayed.
  • When selecting the filter we want, then we click >> Import to select the image that we want the AI ​​to process >> then the app will say that we are processing. (We can turn on to show notifications when the image is processed.)
  • When our image processing system has finished. We can go and see the photos that we use AI filters, the system will automatically save our photos to the device. Or if you want to share it with other applications, you can do it.

6. AI Mirror


The AI ​​Mirror app has to say that there are many filters for us to choose from. and update new filters Always come to try and play. And this app is the app that many people use to make our photos into cartoons in the style of Ghibli Studio, including using AI to transform our photos into famous anime characters. such as Inuyasha, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, etc.

The AI ​​Mirror cartoon image editing app allows us to download and use it for both iOS and Android operating systems. There will be both free and paid use. But if anyone wants to use the full performance can choose a Free Trial that can be used for free for 3 days to use the app straight away

S 41558085 0 side

In terms of using or using AI filters to process our images or videos into cartoons or other formats, it can be easily done as follows.

  • when opening the application We will find many AI filters that have been recommended for us to try. Both popular And new arrivals In addition, there are also categories for us to choose to use filters more easily, whether For You, New, Anime, Studio, Video, Comics, etc.
  • Once we get the AI ​​filter we want can click to select that filter >> then select the image that we want the AI ​​to process the image straight away
  • Then the system will allow us to choose the ratio of the image we want, whether it is 1:1, 5:4, 9:16, etc. and can also choose Imagine Value >> when we want it, then click Draw. yes
  • The system will take some time to process. And then the converted image will appear. There will be more formats for us to choose from.
  • For the AI ​​Mirror, we can choose to save pictures or videos. And can choose HD images to increase the resolution and clarity of the images even more.

however In using AI filters to process that image If it is for personal use, it can be done as needed. But the team does not support it if it is used for commercial use in any form.

And all this is a cartoon-shaped app. Change the general image to have more fun. There are both drawing lines. cute cartoon style until imitating jokes It can also be used as a sticker. For anyone looking for a fun photo editing app. get new pictures can download the app to try it out

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